Blues Redemption is Doug Skoog, Billy Barner, Joe Hendershot & Brian Feist

                                                                                                         Photo by Ronald Potter

Doug Skoog (keyboards/vocals)

Having toured locally and nationally, Doug has played piano with legendary greats such as: Chuck Berry and John Lee Hooker. Formerly with Blue Tale Fly Band, a back up band for James Cotton and opening act for Siegel Schwall Band, John Prime, Sam Lay and Legendary Blues Band with Pine Top Perkins. Doug's piano playing has been described as very funky, tight, complicated playing that you could expect to hear with any top national act or, in Chuck Berry's words, after stopping his show to feature Doug's playing, "This player is from my Al Ma Mater." Doug's soulfulness is heavily influenced by Delta Blues, Chicago Blues and Gospel piano styles.

Doug has been nominated for and won numerous Blues Music Awards from The Washington Blues Society including: Best Piano Keys, Best Male Vocalist, Best Blues Album, Best Blues Band and Best New Blues Band.


                                                                                                 Photo by Ronald Potter

Billy Barner (drums/vocals)

An award winning drummer, Billy "Hot Pocket" Barner* a.k.a. "The Pocket" has performed internationally, nationally and regionally. His musical genre spans all styles from Rock, Blues, Motown, Soul, Funk, Afro/Cuban and New Orleans Second Line to Jazz and Country. Billy has played in some of the most prestigeous bands to emerge from the Pacific Northwest including The Mark Whitman Band, BIG, The Crossroads Band, The Blues Orbiters, Nicole Fournier & her 3lb. Universe, Junkyard Jane, Blues Alliance, Jumbo Groove with Ron Gardner, The Sultans, The Centrix, The Toffs, 7th & Pacific, Capt. Flyswat & The Cat's Pajama Band, The Porcelain Tabernacle, The Collection, Hometown Blues Band, Peacable Lane, Jonah's Whale, Oasis, Rapture, Johnny & the Marks, The Fabulous Cyclones, Jerry Miller & Co., Color Blue, Terry Lee Hardesty and The Eagle River Band, Tanglefoot, Loose Reins, Intruder, The Robin Barrett Band, The BBC Project, The Great Pretenders, The Billy Shew Band, In The House, The Cee Cee James Band, Roger Enders and Road To Ruin, The Tim Enders Band, Son Jack, Jr., The Tommy Wall Band, John Scooch Cugno and The Delta 88 Revival, Karen Lovely Band, Son Jack, Jr. & The Delta Hothouse, The Galaxies, Blues Redemption and many many others. Consequently, Billy has met, performed with and/or opened for many nationally & internationally known performers including: RB Greaves, George Benson, Pablo Cruise, Spencer Davis Group, Eric Burden and the Animals, Maria Muldaur, Arthur Lee and Love, Charlie Musslewhite, Tinsley Ellis, Hubert Sumlin, TOTO, Three Dog Night, Iron Butterfly, REO Speedwagon, Paul Revere and the Raiders, BTO, Rick Derringer, The Drifters, The Coasters, The Cascades, Bo Diddley, John Lee Hooker, Jr., among others.

* Billy was dubbed with the nicname Billy "Hot Pocket" Barner by the late Ron Gardner when Billy , Ron and Dudley Hill founded the legendary Jumbo Groove in the 1980's. Billy changed the nicname from "Hot Pocket" to "The Pocket" on the advice of a copyright attourney who was attending one of Billy's performances and after receiving the Summy Award inscribed with the words "always in the pocket".
In 2002 Billy received the Atlas Cole memorial Summy Award for Drummer of the Year from the Tacoma Music Foundation. He has received numerous nominations and Awards from The Washington Blues Society including awards for, Best Band, Best new Band and Best Blues CD and nominations for Best Blues Drummer and Lifetime Achievement.

Joe Hendershot (bass & vocals)

Joe  has played almost exclusively in the Puget Sound area throughout his musical career, venturing into Idaho, Montana, Oregon, California, Colorado and Alaska and Tennessee. A native of California, he has lived in Tacoma most of his life and grew up listening mostly to the sounds of Motown, Do Wop, R&B and the likes of Elvis Presley, The Four Tops, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, etc. He came from a family of music lovers that frequented the local dance halls. As a teenager, he was a full blown participant in the music of the 60's and 70's. It was then he began his life as a musician.

After studying classical and folk guitar his best friend and mentor, a guitarist also, wanted to put a band together and urged Joe to take up the bass. He gladly switched and discovered his love for the instrument's strong connection to rhythm in music. 

Joe has played in many bands since the late 60's including: Goldbrick, Deep Summer, Sleeping Village, The Village Band, Mariah, Magnum, Adrian, Wild Honey, Pamela Moore, Flight, Billy Street, Stackhouse, New Blues Brothers Revue, Rapture, Lion Heart and several others. Some of the local musicians with whom he has played in bands include Dave Bray, Laurie Johnson, Jim Adams, Doug Skoog, Jho Blenis, Mike Spotts, Paul Richardson, Steve Cox, Jeff Thompson, Mike Thompson, LeRoy Bell, Mike Kinder, Mitch Reams, Mike Jaap, Mike Stohl, Larry Fowlkes, Ken Elhard, Carrie Kaye, Rico Corpuz, Curtis Steen, and Paul "Big Red" Wilson. That's the short version of a list too many to enumerate. He has jammed with Jeff Hanna of “The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band”, David LaFlame of “It's A Beautiful Day”,  Bo Diddly and Jerry Miller to name a few. He also managed to fit in three years of college studying music in the 70's.

Having played soft rock, hard rock, pop rock, country rock, Christian rock, rhythm and blues, funk, and even old jazz standards, Joe feels right at home playing blues and loves the freedom of expression.

Brian Feist (Writer - Electric Guitar and Vocals)

Brian Feist, along with Doug Skoog and Billy Barner, was one of the founding members of Blues Redemption. Brian possesses expert song writing talent. His stalwart singing is a style all his own and epitomizes the blues. Brian has virtuoso blues guitar stylings. This combination of talents was instrumental in getting Blues Redemption to Memphis Tennessee in 2010 representing The SSBA at the International Blues Challenge, where their soulful performance aroused the emotions of the entire audience. Brian still performs on occasion with Blues Redemption.

Billy Barner and Doug Skoog have played and toured together off and on since late 1960’s in Hometown Blues Band, Rapture and Blues Alliance.

Joe Hendershot played in Rapture with Barner and Skoog in the 1980’s.

For more information about each member history; please visit these links:


Doug Kearney (guitar and vocals)

I was born in a small town in central Louisiana back in the days when you didn't have to lock your doors, gas was about .30 cents a gallon and a 12 year old could buy a pack of smokes for a quarter, and when you got out of line you got a ass whoopin' not only from your mom but the neighbor's mom and the maid ah! the good old days. About that time my older brother played some records for me one was'' Disraeli Gears'' the other'' Are you Experienced'' and also about that time I met Richard Courtney and I haven't been the same since. Richard and I were going to replicate the sounds we heard on those records come hell or high water and guitar was to become my passion for the next 42 years. Guitarist such as Duane Allman, Lowell George, Robben Ford, Cornell Dupree, Leo Nocentili and Carlos Santana would be my influences in the '70s, in the later years way too many to mention. I guess the good thing about getting older is the time between humiliation and inspiration gets a lot shorter. Anyway the songs I have posted are small sample of the work I have done with Richard over the years, some were recorded in Baton Rouge in 1997 the others at Richards studio in Nashville in 2008. Richard engineered, played drums and bass, Monty La Maze and Jim Cliff also played bass on the Baton Rouge session that was released in 2001 titled'' My Backyard'' on Shadow Puppet Music label. The Nashville session is still a work in progress that we hope to finish soon...I've been living in the Pacific Northwest for the last 26 years and I have the pleasure and honor to play with some wonderful and talented musicians that inspire me to no end......enjoy. dk


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Mark Riley (electric guitar/vocals)

Mark Riley has won numerous music industry awards for his amazing guitar playing and song writing. He has released several successful albums and has played in countless successful groups including The Mark Riley Trio, Snake Oil, Little Bill & The Bluenotes, The Mark Whitman Band and many others. Aside from his mastery of playing music, he also is a master craftsman at building his own line of boutique custom guitars. The acclaimed Louisiana Blues Great Sonny Landreth is one of many notable owners and lovers of Marks signature guitars.